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Grammy Sensation John Legend Launches New NFT Platform!

Grammy Sensation John Legend Launches New NFT Platform!

The corporate executive of the new NFT platform says that it won’t need users to own a crypto wallet, and can grade easy access for a thoughtful audience.

Yankee singer-songwriter John Legend is action his position among the ranks of celebrities flocking to the globe of nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

While serving to launch a replacement NFT platform for musicians and different entertainers.

The platform known as OurSong permits artists to tokenize and sell their work, subsidisation patrons with privileges like access to suppressed music and personal chatrooms.

"Everyone can currently flip stories, music, photography, and any quite art into NFT mercantilism cards known as Vibes," the platform states.

"Vibes permit you to unlock exclusive updates and access personal chat communities wherever you'll be able to meet like  others."

"Everyone can now flip stories, song, photography, and any type of artwork into NFT buying and selling playing cards referred to as Vibes," the platform states.

"Vibes let you release different updates and get right of entry to personal chat groups wherein you could meet like-minded others."

Legend will act as Chief Impact Officer, tasked with attracting up-and-coming artists and their fan bases.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Legend stated that despite the fact that he spends a maximum of his intellectual electricity considering song, he hopes the platform will assist to attach people.

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“When I reflect onconsideration on what I need to do, I try and get concerned with initiatives that I assume will make the arena greater connected.”

Well, acknowledged names connected to the project, together with the co-founding father of virtual song streaming carrier KKBOX, Chris Lin, who will function as the brand new company’s CEO. 

Cofounder of the stay video streaming platform Twitch, Kevin Lin, and founding father of early-level project capital corporation Cherubic Ventures, Matt Cheng, may also be becoming a member of the team.

According to Lin, the platform won’t need users to possess a crypto notecase. in line with the Terms of Service, you'll solely purchase Vibes with OurSongDollars (OSD).

"You can deposit OSD in OurSong by buying it with a credit card, debit card, wire payment, or USD Coin deposited in your wallet on Circle' blockchain," it states.

The musician and his co-founders didn’t give any further money details regarding the project.

This isn’t Legend’s 1st intrude on the globe of NFTs. In could 2021, Legend was declared as a partner of the “OneOf” NFT platform among the likes of Doja Cat and Whitney Houston.

He isn’t the primary celebrity to dip his toes within the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency either, though most celebrities favour minting their own assortment instead of producing a complete platform.

One notable exception is that the Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, who launched a sports-focused NFT platform referred to as “Autograph” in April 2021.

Though several huge names are keen to induce concern in the area — cherish Paris Hilton, who recently declared she would be dropping her first NFT collection with Superplastic — others aren’t thus impressed.

Most recently, Kanye West dragged the NFT world in an Associate in Nursing Instagram post, writing “Do not solicit from me to try to to a f*cking NFT.”



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