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Inflation Fears Erases As European Markets Head For Higher Opening!

Inflation Fears Erases As European Markets Head For Higher Opening!

European stocks are expected to open higher on Thursday as investors appeared to shake off concerns about runaway inflation.

While missing out 9 points to 7,182 and Italy's FTSE MIB rose 44 points to 27,415, according to IG data. 

Global markets have been focused on rising U-bond yields and gains this week. Inflation data is also in focus; The data was released by the US on Wednesday.

This shows that inflation rose to a 30-year high in December, hitting 5.4%, as higher energy costs, a rebound in demand, and supply chain issues continued to push consumer prices higher.

And... it gets even BETTER!

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Inflation concerns have dominated markets around the world in recent months, with investors nervous about the course of the Federal Reserve of the U. 

Apparently, that was to hike interest rates and tighten its ultra-loose pandemic monetary policy.

So, you get the IDEA, right? 

This year's turmoil in technology stocks, sparked by a rise in yields in the first week of January, continued on Wednesday as the US 10-year Treasury yield hit a high of 1.9%. It started the year at around 1.5%.

The 30-year Treasury note fell 2 basis points to 2.167%. Yields move inversely with prices.

Stock futures were little changed on Wednesday night, while Asia-Pacific markets were mixed on Thursday as China cut interest rates.

Revenue in Europe comes from AB Foods, Deliveroo, and Bankinter, and data releases include French consumer weather data for January and German producer prices for December.


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