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The BopoVerse: Promoting Empowerment And Body Positivity Via NFTS

The BopoVerse: Promoting Empowerment And Body Positivity Via NFTS

Metaverse ecosystems get caught up in the allure and attraction of perceived perceptions. The BopoVerse differs from others. As a Metaverse platform, the BopoVerse aims to use web3 and associated technologies to improve how people see themselves.

Since the inception, mingling, and intersection of web3 and Metaverse technologies, the idea behind interactions within such communities has been artificial at best. People aren’t who they seem to be. They pretend. 

They transferred this artificial sense of being from web 2.0 platforms into Metaverse platforms. Meanwhile, the underlying issues that cause them to pretend have remained the same. 

Problems such as obesity, bullying (physical, emotional, electronic, and so on), negative self-worth, obesity, childhood experiences, e.t.c exist in the new communities that will change the world forever.

It all stems from a lack of freedom that has pervaded electronic communications. The BopoVerse is poles apart from others. 

The BopoVerse aims to start with the first primal issue that affects younger people 40 and younger today: weight, size, and obesity using a central theme of “free to be!!”. 

Weight Determines Self-Worth

Recent statistics indicate that 27.5%% of Women in the USA and more than 2 in 5 adults are obese or overweight.

It has changed the driving perceptions that have enabled people to see themselves for who they are and be proud of it. 

The BopoVerse is one of the few web3 projects that project actual emotions rather than just economic value, which has been the case before now for others. 

This trend also exists in other forms of social interaction, which BopoVerse aims to counter with affirmative connections and relationships within its community. 

Freedom Opens Up Opportunities

The BopoVerse project aims, among other things, to create new opportunities for its community members. Using art as a pivot, the project is initially minting 10,777 unique NFTs as proof of the uniqueness of humanity. 

BopoVerse NFTs will allow holders to earn the BopoVerse Token ($BPV). $BPV is an ERC-20-based token that will drive the future components of the BopoVerse ecosystem. 

These components include Artificial Intelligence (AI), the BopoVerse Metaverse ecosystem, 3-D technologies, interactive games and so much more.

NFT holders will ultimately be able to exercise total control over what they own. This control will allow them to earn $BPV within the Bopoverse gaming arena for usage, thus extending utility and increasing value over time. 

The BopoVerse private area for NFT holders provides a safe place where holders can be themselves. It gives practical expression to the tenets and values of freedom the project espouses.

Players can be free to be who they are without being afraid of being bullied or ridiculed!

How The BopoVerse Extends The Knowledge-Economy

The rise of web3 technologies has led to the explosion of the knowledge economy where expressed knowledge is equal to economic value. 

Other projects are yet to catch on to how values get expressed, but the BopoVerse project has already worked it out using existing legal, commercial frameworks. 

The BopoVerse has enabled legal partnerships to enable the creation of trademarks, brands, and other forms of intellectual property to achieve this.

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By enabling all forms of art, including digital, music, video, and gaming, the BopoVerse aims to become a central hub where freedom is prime and knowledge has value!

The rest of the world marvels at Apes and strange characters that have artificially driven the NFT space artificial levels. The BopoVerse has opted for cartoon characters in its NFT designs. 

They have longer-lasting aesthetic values and aren’t just a fad! NFTs have the power to change the world. Projects like the BopoVerse do this by changing perceptions and empowering people. Coinquora!

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