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Global Multi-asset Broker Tickmill With Over 250 Employees Worldwide - currenciesfactory

Global Multi-asset Broker Tickmill With Over 250 Employees Worldwide - currenciesfactory

Our job at Tickmill is to keep in tune with what traders want and to continue providing them with the access they want as they transform their trading portfolios to include more green and sustainable strategies.

Exclusive Interview With the Chief Executive Officer of Tickmill Europe

"I am Valerijus Ovsianikas, the CEO of Tickmill Europe.  Tickmill was launched in 2014 as a global multi-asset broker with over 250 workers globally.

I oversee Tickmill's largest operation, which is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus.

We have offices in Cyprus, London, Estonia, and South Africa, in addition to several smaller regional representative offices across the world.

We take great satisfaction in subscribing to some of the world's most stringent regulatory systems, such as the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, so that our clients can feel comfortable knowing they are trading with a reputable and licensed broker."

What goods and services do you offer that cater to the demands of the world's most demanding retail and institutional clients?

"We specialize in providing financial brokerage services to sophisticated individual consumers, while also providing institutional-grade liquidity solutions to other financial services firms."

Clients come to us when they wish to trade forex, crypto currencies, equities, commodities, exchange-traded futures and options, among other financial instruments, with incredibly low trading fees.

In addition, we provide extremely extensive market research and opinions from a group of competent experts in many locations, so that our clients are always aware of what is occurring on the global markets. All of this is available across industry-leading trading platforms such as MT4, MT5, CQG, and more."

The trade support market enables businesses to generate green and sustainable solutions for their sustainability strategies.

Let us discuss Tickmill's attempts to place sustainability at the center of its strategic priorities.

"To be sustainable, you must maintain a certain level of stability.

Uncertainty is something that may undermine this stability, and it grows steadily worse with time. More ambiguity increases risk. 

This must then be controlled, which is where organizations like Tickmill can assist by providing the necessary tools for risk management.

Tickmill, for instance, just introduced actual exchange-traded futures and options from exchanges such as the CME group.

We are one of the first European organizations to do so, and we make these instruments more inexpensive than ever before, allowing smaller individuals and businesses to take advantage of their usefulness to better manage risk across a broad range of assets, such as commodities.

Our job at Tickmill is to keep in tune with what traders want and to continue giving them with the access they want as they transform their trading portfolios to incorporate more green and sustainable tactics."

A sustainable economy requires a sustainable financial system. The financial sector is essential for constructing and supporting a more robust, equitable, and sustainable future.

What activities are included with Sustainable Finance?

"Sustainability suggests longevity. At Tickmill, we desire for our traders to have a prosperous journey with us.

Education, knowledge, transparency, and cost-effectiveness allow consumers to maximize their trading operations.

I believe that this strategy may be expanded to the broader financial sector, where every organization should seek to establish effective, long-term relationships with clients.

Primarily, we must aid in the development of financial literacy in our communities.

Financial topics are not always simple to comprehend; thus, we should all do our share to educate others.

Once a certain degree of comprehension has been attained, it is crucial that users have access to the appropriate information in a clear manner so they may make decisions that are in their best interests.

This leads to a longer life span, which in turn contributes to a more stable financial situation."

The Basic Overview Of The TickMill

With top-notch trading platforms, low commission & fee, and appealing bonuses on sleeves, TickMill is continuing the Forex worldwide domination.

Team up with 60+ pairs and 20+ CFDs and get access to an ultra-wide range of trading opportunities.

Tickmill, a reliable broker of the current time, is the number one platform for retail investors and traders while offering services like Forex, CFD, Social trading, and much more! 

The brokerage was founded back in late 2008, and since then, they are operating globally that consists of more than 200 countries along with an approximately monthly trading volume of 122 bn.

As per its primary headquarters, it's primarily based in London, UK but they own multiple operating stations in several countries, including Australia, Vietnam,  South Africa, Tanzania, Estonia, and finally in, Malaysia.

Trading Conditions

Tickmill, which is widely known for its EMPATHIC trading accounts is providing three individual types of trading accounts including,

  • Classic
  • Pro 
  • Vip

Note: Keeping in mind all Muslims across the globe, the brokerage is committed to providing Islamic trading accounts at the time of need.

Let's get a closer look at the accounts provided by Tickmill. 

Here are the deets...

First of all, the classic trading accounts are BEST suited for amateur traders but it's also pretty prominent for experienced traders as well.

Furthermore, the account contains availability of more than 62 currencies and the spreads start from 1.6 pips where no commissions are charged.

Then the Pro accounts come into action which is mainly designed for the expert market traders.

As a reason, the spreads of these accounts start from 0.0 pips where commissions are applicable except indices, oils, and bonds.

Tickmill also provides high-volume trading accounts that are known as "VIP accounts'' for certain groups of traders who are in need of HUGE transactions.

Besides, the account requires a minimum deposit amount of $50,000 along with zero commissions ( for Oil, Stock, Indices, and CFDs only).

And last but not least the leverage ratio that Tickmill offers is 1:500 which can vary depending on the asset.

Apart from all these, Tickmill offers two varieties of executions which include the NDD ( No Dealing Desk) Execution along with market executions.

Besides, you won't be getting any instant execution procedure with the brokerage.


Just like all the profound Foreign exchange brokerage, Tickmill is also HUGELY known for giving access to an ultra-wide range of trading accessories to its clients.

Which entirely covers:

  • Forex: You'll be eligible to trade on more than 60 currency pairs including the exotic ones (EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, and ZAR/USD) also.
  • Stock and Indices: Tickmill grants you access to more than 14 Indices including NASDAQ, FTSE, Dow, DAX, and Jones.
  • Commodities: You''ll be able to trade on precious metals such as gold and silver along with WTI oil.
  • Bonds: You'll be given access to trade on a few selected German bonds. 


It's no doubt that Ticmill can simply compete with the tightest regulated brokers as the brokerage itself is regulated with tight regulatory bodies including:

  • FSA 

  • CySEC

Tickmill global is regulated by FSA on the other hand the brokerage is also regulated with CySEC in the United Kingdom region.

And out of all people, you should know that these two regulatory bodies ensure the most secure trading experience.

Still, waiting? Hop on with Tickmill from this very moment

Bonus & Promotion

Unlike all the tightest regulated brokerages, Tickmill sure does provide several opportunities for gaining lavish trading bonuses. Even right now they are offering 4 types of trading bonuses including:

  • Welcome bonus of $30

In order to claim this bonus all you have to do is to create a trading account with Tickmill and start trading from this moment as the bonus will expire pretty soon.

  • Become the "trader of the month" 

If you somehow manage to perform better in terms of trading compared to all the other traders assigned with the brokerage, you'll be awarded as the trader of the month along with that you'll also get $1,000 from the broker.

  • Get promotions with rebates

Do rebates in all of your trades and win solid cash on each rebate.

  • Try to predict the NFP

If you can somehow assume the  NFP before anyone else then there's a pretty good chance for you to win $500.

Note: Due to several jurisdictions provided by the brokers, the bonuses may not be available for all sorts of traders.

Wish you all a prosperous trading experience with TickMill. And if you have further queries, you can check out Tickmill Broker Review 2022.

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