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The Sandbox Partners With Chain Games For Immersive Metaverse Gaming

The Sandbox Partners With Chain Games For Immersive Metaverse Gaming

The Sandbox announced its partnership with blockchain-based gaming network Chain Games.

The partnership will allow in-game NFTs developed by Chain Games to be integrated into The Sandbox metaverse. 

This announcement came on Feb 16, with both blockchain gaming consumer brands expressing their excitement about this collaboration.

Chain Games intends on building an immersive gaming experience on the land it acquired in The Sandbox metaverse.

Users can play Chain Games-supported titles inside the Sandbox while utilizing the CHAIN token. 

Additionally, Chain Games and The Sandbox have discussed further collaborations in the blockchain gaming and NFT space.

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their experience in the Ethereum blockchain.

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The Sandbox was best known for its Mobile additions ‘The Sandbox’ that was released in 2011, and ‘The Sandbox Evolution’ that came to the public in 2016.

Chain Games is a blockchain gaming platform that aims to give the player a combination of smart contests and outstanding gameplay. 

Smart contests are a competition system where players can compete by playing skill games to win tokens.

As this announcement spread across media entities, Chain Games’ CEO and Founder Adam Barlam said that their team.

Who are thrilled to see a strategic partnership with The Sandbox while they work to elevate the user experience on both platforms and ecosystems.

Meanwhile, The Sandbox GOO and Co-Founder Sebastien Borget commented.

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We’re pleased to see more interoperability of NFTs in The Sandbox and welcome studios and builders to leverage our platform to engage their community in fun experiences. Coinquora!

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